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wichita log home inspections

Are you looking for a log home inspector in Wichita? We perform high quality log home inspections in the greater Wichita area. There are not a lot of log homes in the area, but the ones that are there are incredible buildings.  S0 what do we look for  on a log home inspection? Here are a few things:

Log Walls Exterior – When you have a log home inspected, the inspector should look for various signs in the surfaces that are visible including discoloration, bleaching, cracks in the wood, mold or fungus, separation between the joints, missing caulking, the state of log ends, and the state of the chinking to ensure that there isn’t any tears, holes, or cracks to be seen.

Other Exterior Problems – Furthermore, as your home inspector, we look at the downspout extensions, the vertical support posts that can be found on or under any porches, as well as the water flow around the home and grading.

Log Walls  Interior – Inside, we take a look at the logs for separation via any light or air passing through from outside. Also, separation between the interior partition walls and the exterior should be assessed as should the connection of the ceilings and walls.

Other Interior Problems – In all of the areas we have discussed, we follow the InterNACHI Standards of Practice and this is the same for inspecting the interior. As well as this, we review on the adjustable sleeves, slip joints, flexible hose sections, looped water supply lines, and any flexible ductwork when it comes to the plumbing and heating segment of the log home inspection.

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