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No matter where we live, lightning can affect us. We may feel like the obvious danger that exists for us is if we are out of doors, but we should also be thinking about how to keep safe when we are indoors as well.

Although various dangers exist at home during a lightning storm, one of the biggest would be a house fire. While this could cause significant damage, water used for extinguishing a fire can also be very destructive. If this is not dried out completely, mold could quickly become a hazard.

Risk of electrocution is also an issue, also household appliances could sustain damage in the event of a power surge.

Avoid using running water, wait till the storm has gone to do things like wash the dishes or take a shower.

It is exiting to watch a big lightning storm, but its best to stay away from windows and open doors.

Although a surge protector is there to protect electronic equipment, be on the safe side and unplug or turn off any electrical appliances such as computers and phones. This is the only way to truly ensure they don’t get damaged by a power surge.

If you live in a area that is particularly vulnerable to lightning strikes, then lightning protection systems are available or lightning rods. Do your research though, before you install one to make sure its the best thing for where you live.

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