derby Home InspectionThis is a good option for a home seller, investor, or a buyer that is not currently in contract. With a consultation the fee is charged by the hour and is a great option for a seller wanting to know what the condition of their house is before it goes on the market. A seasoned investor that just wants to talk about particular items in the home but doesn’t want the expense of a written report or home inspection. A buyer that is not currently in contract can also utilize this service if they haven’t decided if this is the house they want.  This is a great alternative to the expense of a full home inspection for a house that they may not purchase. With this option I will not enter/open attics, crawlspaces, HVAC components, or electrical panels. 


Derby Home Inspections. Home inspections in: Wichita, Andover, Goddard, Augusta, Derby, Newton, Rose Hill, Andale, Mount Hope, Hutchinson, Newton, Sedgwick, Halstead, Valley Center, Park City, Bel Aire, Kechi, Arkansas City, Wellington, Winfield, and all surrounding areas in central and western Kansas