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Are you looking for a home inspection in Kansas? Then look no further! OMT Inspections has what you need.
Thorough home inspection, professional service, comprehensive reports.

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Home Inspections

Thorough home inspections with complete, comprehensive reports

Radon Testing

Radon is a harmful, cancer causing gas that should e tested for in every home


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Buyers Home Inspections

This is our bread and butter inspection. We will come in and do a O.M.T. Inspections standards of practice conforming home inspection. View our standards of practice here! This inspection is recommended for home buyers of any level of experience. We will inspect all non cosmetic components of the home including but not limited to: the roof, foundation, crawlspace, attic, garage, plumbing system, electrical system, and all interior and exterior areas. Every basic home inspection will come with a “Now that you’ve had a home inspection” book at the time of the inspection (that’s a $12.99 value). You will also receive a “Safe home” e-book emailed to you along with your full color report within 24 hours. This inspection also receives the protection of the InterNACHI’s “We’ll buy your home back guarantee”.


The Sellers Home Inspection

Sellers, take the worry out of selling your home before it’s even a worry. This inspection is similar to a buyers inspection. It’s preformed before the property goes on the market. This inspection comes with a sign saying that the home has been inspected by O.M.T. Inspections to put in the yard next to the real estate for sale sign. You will also receive 5 paper-copy reports in presentation folders to present to any interested buyers to make your contract period smoother for you. You will also receive one digital copy for in the event that your house gets more than 5 interested parties you can print more reports for them. Of course we are just a phone call away for any of the buyers to answer their questions they have about the report.



This is a good option for a home seller, investor, or a buyer that is not currently in contract. With a consultation the fee is charged by the hour and is a great option for a seller wanting to know what the condition of their house is before it goes on the market. A seasoned investor that just wants to talk about particular items in the home but doesn’t want the expense of a written report or home inspection. A buyer that is not currently in contract can also utilize this service if they haven’t decided if this is the house they want. This is a great alternative to the expense of a full home inspection for a house that they may not purchase. With this option we will not enter/open attics, crawlspaces, HVAC components, or electrical panels.


The 1 year warranty home inspection

Most new construction comes with a 1 year warranty. We come in at the 11th month and do a complete home inspection with report, so you have something to provide to the builder for repairs.


Radon gas testing

We are your radon gas testing headquarters. We are fully licensed in the state of Kansas to provide professional real estate testing. If you are buying a new home or just concerned about your current home, call today. We utilize the top electronic monitor in the industry and all of my tests are reviewed by a Kansas certified lab. Tests that are ended during normal business hours will have results within 3 hours on average. Kansas license #KS-MS-0302.


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