Fall Home
Maintenance Checklist

September 4, 2020

Things to keep in mind when owning a home, is making sure everything is maintained so you do not have larger problems to fix later. Keeping your house maintenance up to date will help lower risks and future problems such as higher electric bills, broken sprinkler systems, last minute furnace services, or non-working detectors. Keeping your house maintained will not only save you money in the long haul, but it can also keep you and your family safe.

Here are ideas for what you should have on your Home Maintenance Checklist for the Fall

Checking your detectors to ensure proper response.

As fall approaches, it is important to acknowledge the possibility of clogged gutters or downspouts. If rainwater cannot drain properly, it is likely that it will cause water damage to a home's foundation, making for an expensive repair down the road. The best option would be to hire a professional to clean and maintain your gutter and downspout system. This would be a great time to have a professional assess if your gutters need to be repaired before the upcoming rainy season. While you are at it, you should extend all downspouts away from your house, if it is not already done to prevent excess water near your foundation.

Checking your detectors to ensure proper response

Also, with that, making sure your family is aware of your emergency plan of action. What happens if the house is on fire? What should your kids do if the C02 detector is going off? These are all things that should be discussed amongst your family and practiced routinely to make sure that if there is an emergency, everyone stays calm and follows the plan of action.

Winterize sprinkler system

Before the first frost appears, be sure to clear your sprinkler system of water by hiring an expert to come out and winterize your system, or by doing it yourself. Be careful though as you can burst your pipes without proper care and knowledge on how to do so.

Sealing cracks around doors and windows

A quick inspection of your doors and windows will let you know if the caulking needs a redo before the cold comes. By turning off the HVAC system, you can use an incense stick or a tissue to identify air leaks. Once detected, you can get started replacing the caulking or calling and requesting a professional to get a quote

Inspect roofing and seeing about patch repairs

First and foremost, inspecting your roof does not mean walking your roof, so please practice safety precaution when looking at inspecting your roof by not climbing up onto your roof. You can use binoculars to examine from the safety of the ground or by getting onto a ladder for a closeup inspection. Most roofing contractors will also come out and give a free assessment of the condition of your roof.

Things to look for include, curling, missing or loose shingles, heavy wear, or degradation of the roof. These are weak points where water can penetrate and cause leaks. If you see damage, do not waste time, contact a contractor for an onsite bid.

Changing the furnace filter, and servicing if needed.

Part of owning a home is the routine maintenance of your furnace and heating system. This includes furnace or heat pump cleaning and maintenance, inspecting the vent system and air intake grilles (removing any blockages if present), examining the belts for signs of damage, lubricating moving parts, inspecting the thermostat and calibrating it as needed, and a host of other items on the agenda.

Hiring a professional to come out is the best option as they will have the experience and expertise to maintain your system and help prevent costly problems.

Having your house routinely inspected for current problems.

From the foundation to the roof, even being as familiar with your house as you are, there may be issues that you are not even aware of. Having a routine inspection of your house will help you find these problems and deal with them as needed to maintain a healthy and safe home. We will walk you through things to look for on your own, when walking your house to determine maintenance needs. Call us for a quote in Wichita, Kansas today!

Owning a home is one of the greatest responsibilities one can have, and it can be overwhelming thinking about all the different types of maintenance that must happen routinely. With this list, we hope to lessen that load by giving you ideas on what to think about

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